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Civil Engineer

SNC Lavalin

This is a Contract position in Vaughan, ON posted September 22, 2022.

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Let’s get back on track: Are you looking to take the next step in your career?

Perhaps you want to read up on the latest industry news or learn more about what it means to work for the SNC-Lavalin Group?

If you’re interested in finding out more about our projects, you can learn all about the work we deliver in North America, Europe, the Middle East and APAC.

Hello, I’m Jamila Bhaiji, an Environmental Consultant working in the Environment and Sustainability Group in ADS&T.

As part of my role, I also work with the ADS&T Net Zero and Social Value Change Initiative Team.

I started my career as a Geological Engineer working in contaminated land environmental assessments for oil & gas industry in Alberta, Canada.

I also worked on brownfield remediation projects for the City of Calgary.

Transitioning from that role, I began work in Mineral Exploration consulting, doing resource estimates and mine planning for coal, oil sands and oil shale deposits in the US, Canada, the Middle East and Indonesia.

When I moved over to the UK, my main work involved consulting for mineral exploration, due diligence reports, and pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for mineral resource development.

Alongside I also did Geotech slope stability assessments and environmental site assessments.

Here are my six tips on not just getting back into work, but into a rewarding career: 1.

How long should a career break be?

How long do you need it to be?

Mine was seven and a half years.

My career break coincided with a downturn in the mining commodity markets and having more caring and family responsibilities in my personal life.

The Covid-19 pandemic happened just when I was considering returning to work and when society started to open up, I felt it was a good opportunity to think about getting back into work.

After such a significant career gap, I targeted companies that promoted a Return to work Programme as I felt the additional support such a programme would provide would be invaluable.


How do you reenter the workplace?

Once I decided that I was ready to return to work, I turned my hunt for employment into my daily job.

I updated my resume writing skills and honed my interview techniques.

I saw the opportunity with Atkins advertised and I was able to confidently apply.

I felt all my prep work really helped, especially during the interview phase, and I was very pleased when they offered me a position through their Returner Programme.

The Atkins returner programme is well structured, incorporating what they’ve learnt from previous returners.

They have a formal programme with external coaching which helps returners progress their career, build their personal brand, gain confidence and rebuild their professional networks.

Atkins also upskills their line managers on how to line manage a returner’s unique requirements.

As a returner, you are also given six weeks as an adjustment period without the pressure to deliver on productive work.


Finding a good employer I wanted to work at Atkins because of its reputation for technical excellence and the work-life flexibility they offer to employees.

I liked that they develop your skills and strengths and provide the flexibility to grow as a professional in the direction you want your career to go.


Why you should value your transferable skills In my 9 years in the natural resources industry, I gained a broad range of experience, demonstrating my capabilities and adaptability.

So even though my two current roles at Atkins are very different from my previous career experiences my background serves me well as I navigate my way through.

Both my team leads and line manager have been fantastic in helping me find the right opportunities and develop.

My first six months have gone by in a flash.

I’ve met fantastic and highly skilled professionals across the business.

I have really enjoyed working in collaborative team environments, which has allowed me to refresh my business communication skills and gain technical skills in environmental asset management and business change management.


Flexible working at Atkins After my break, getting back to work and balancing childcare were bound to be challenging, but my colleagues and managers have been supportive.

They’ve shared what works for them, and I have found a work pattern that works for my family and me.

As I approach my first summer holidays as a working parent, I am even more grateful for the flexible working options available, I find that really helps when balancing child care responsibilities with work.

There is also a refreshing openness when it comes to family.

I really feel Atkins sets realistic expectations and recognizes employees’ personal obligations and need for work/life balance.


You’ll feel respected and empowered.

Inside Atkins, I feel as welcomed and valued as employees who haven’t been on a career break, and no one negates what I bring to the table.

At first, I felt quite nervous and experienced a lot of imposter syndrome, especially as I don’t have the same technical background as my team, but everyone on both teams has been supportive, encouraging, and ready to help me in my professional development.

I would say to those coming in on the next Atkins Returner cohort.

‘be proud of the experience you bring.

It won’t necessarily be an easy transition, but you can do it, and you will be surrounded by people willing to help’.

Learn more about how Atkins can support your return to the world of work.

Preview How Atkins values your transferable skills (even after a long career break) At SNC–Lavalin, people are the heart of everything we do.

As an inclusive organization we strongly believe in paving successful and fun careers for our graduates.

One of the key contributors to our distinctive Australia graduate program Purushotham K, Recruitment Director – APAC says, “Our people’s progress is our key purpose”.

SNC-Lavalin is shaping our world from offices across the world and our brightest young minds play a vital role in making a difference that matters as they pivot the way forward.Australia graduate programAs part of the SNC-Lavalin Australia graduate program, our aim is to support graduates to accomplish their dreams and to also help them find their passion.

Akshay Doosa, a graduate of Queensland University started his journey with us in 2021.

He says, “I was fascinated with trains as a young kid.

I loved traveling in them, playing with train sets, and when they inevitably broke down, I would take them apart to try to fix them.SNC-Lavalin being the leader in Brisbane Rail Consulting with projects such as the Cross River Rail, Inland Rail, and Queensland Train Manufacturing Program (formerly called The Rollingstock Expansion Program) attracted me to want to join the organization.

I have constantly been surprised by the time and energy that my seniors at SNC-Lavalin are willing to invest in me, which I will forever be grateful for.

The best part about my job is the fun I have in seeing myself grow professionally as well as personally.” Through our culture and projects, we hope to offer a career journey that people cherish.What opportunities are available in Australia?Opportunities at SNC–Lavalin are endless irrespective of the individual’s role, location or experience.

We aspire to make work exciting, fun and full of learning.

Henry Bange, a graduate from Queensland University of Technology who joined us in 2020 says, “SNC-Lavalin has provided me with opportunities to work on some major projects and with some of the most exciting people in the industry.

It’s been extremely rewarding to play a minor role in some major infrastructure projects (such as QTMP) while also being the lead engineer and project manager on the smaller TETRA radio project at such early stages of my career.

Every day brings new challenges, and no two days feel the same at SNC-Lavalin.”We understand that the future is uncertain, but everything we do is to engineer a better future for our planet and its people.

Learning and growing never stops at SNC-Lavalin.

Raagini Manaktala, a graduate from the University of Queensland who joined us in 2018 says, “The future looks exciting with SNC-Lavalin as we are expanding with opportunities to be a part of more projects that make a difference and I look forward to further developing my skills in cyber security and systems engineering by working on diverse projects”.Learn and enhance your engineering skillsSNC-Lavalin operates in various engineering disciplines creating a wide range of opportunities for its graduates to enhance their skills.

Our Rolling Stock Consultant Shahrzad Akbarzadeh Pooladi, who graduated from the University of Sydney, says, “SNC-Lavalin provided me the opportunity to learn and enhance my skills as a rail engineer and facilitated my desired career progression by placing me in the right projects and connecting me with the right people.”At SNC-Lavalin, we take pride in creating exciting experiences for our graduates.

Aishwarya Manibala Jha, a graduate of the University of New South Wales says, “For the SCT Signalling Compatibility Testing project, I have been on-site in Adelaide twice to conduct a series of close-up effect test runs on two locomotive variants to demonstrate compliance with TfNSW AMB requirements.

The best part was that I got to ride in the driver’s cab of the locomotive, learn about the driver’s cab controls, and visit the maintenance facility.”Find your next job at SNC-Lavalin in AustraliaBeing a people-centric organization, we aim to provide an insightful journey for our graduates that connects them with people, data, and technology to design, deliver and operate the most complex projects across Australia.

In Australia, we support clients across the country.

Our workforce applies innovative thinking, pioneering technologies and strategic management to create the best outcomes for our clients and future generations.If you’re looking forward to joining a truly inclusive organization with exciting career opportunities, then explore our wide range of options and apply for a job in Australia today.

Preview Our aim is to support graduates in Australia to accomplish their dreams and help them find their passion In anutshell, environmental consultants are responsible for advising on wastemanagement, effects of climate change and sustainability.

These professionals provide deepanalysis and insight on all environmental matters and help make informeddecisions about projects that will impact the environment.

Becoming anenvironmental consultant means you’ll be evaluating environmental policy,processes and implementing systems to assess and mitigate any environmentaldamage.

EY reported that 69% of Canadian consumers expect businesses to solvesustainability, making the environmental consultant role a key position.To makeyourself known as a successful environmental consultant, you need to be astrategic thinker and have a strong understanding of the environment as awhole.

At SNC-Lavalin, along with our brands Atkins and FaithfulGould, weunderstand the importance of advancing in your chosen career path, all thewhile having a work-life balance.

Environmental consultant careersallow you to learn about sustainability and become an expert onenvironmental-related issues.

Our teams in Canada are dedicated to making a different to localand global communities, and SNC-Lavalin always provides the best support andtraining to help our people grow.

So, what are the steps to becoming anenvironmental consultant?Earn aqualificationThe firststep to becoming a structural engineer is earning an industry-recognisedqualification.

This means achieving a degree in either EnvironmentalEngineering, Environmental Studies, or Environmental Science.

As the role of anenvironmental consultant requires significant foundational knowledge, it’sessential that professionals earn a qualification to showcase they’re ready forthe demands of the role.When you’vestudied environmental science at a high level, you’ll be able to establishyourself as an expert and transfer knowledge to your team.

Having aqualification is also essential for career growth as an environmentalconsultant.

According to research, the environmental consultantmarket has grown in recent years, which means it’s all the more important thatyou have the right skills to stand out from the competition.Gain therequired experienceOne of themost common routes would be an assistant environmental consultant role.Although, that’s not to say there aren’t other options.

Other options would tobe to find positions that are related to environmental consulting, such as arole in urban planning or town planning, which can give you some great experienceand networking opportunities.

Having relevant professional experience andqualificationsgives you the skills and insights.Additionally,undertaking work experience or volunteering opportunities within environmentalconsulting are also excellent ways to gain knowledge and develop a strongerunderstanding of the role.

Above all, becoming an environmental consultantrequires geographical knowledge, analytical skills and the ability to identifyopportunities to improve and safeguard the environment.

Developyour organisational and research skillsIf you’ve got yoursights set on a senior environmental consultant position, you’ll need to be ahighly organised, an expert researcher and comfortable dealing with complex.The best environmental consultants have extensive knowledge of environmentalpolicies and regulations, and they have expertise in advising clients on a widerange of projects, such as land developments and waste management policies.These skills can bedeveloped under your own initiative or through different positions related tothe role of an environmental consultant.

If you’re passionate, you’ll committime to professional development and strive to learn as much as you can aboutthe role.

This includes keeping upto date with environmental planning trends.Why youshould become an environmental consultantThere aremany ways to build a rewarding career that inspires growth anddevelopment.

As an environmental consultant, you’ll have the opportunitybuilding relationships with various people, and present information to clients.It’s also the chance to work on meaningful projects that make a difference inthe environment.

Being an environmental consultant means you’ll be able toexplore sites, and commercial projects and write scientific reports.

Overall,it’s a varied role that gives you the opportunity to work on areas affectingthe planet.Growyour environmental consultant career with SNC-LavalinA career as an environmental consultant means you’ll be working in adynamic and growth-oriented team.

If you’re looking for the next step in yourcareer, SNC-Lavalin has a range of opportunities in Canada.We’re committed to paving the way for a better future for our planet andits people.

We combine technology and data to deliver high-profile projects forour clients.

SNC-Lavalin works on some of the most pressing projects globallyand we’re dedicated to overcoming any challenge to help uplift our communities.Browse our environmental management vacancies or sign up for job alerts to be notified about the latestroles that are suited to you.

Preview A career in environmental consultancy is both challenging and rewarding.

Take a look at our blog to find out how to become an environmental consultant.

The Australian market is an important growth area for SNC-Lavalin.

Over the last 24 years, we have established a strong presence with offices across Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

SNC-Lavalin is growing rapidly in Australia with new project wins offering exciting opportunities to learn and develop.

With a strong reputation in the rail sector, we are expanding our service offering.

Our regional business servicing the Australia & New Zealand markets is divided into three sectors:Consulting and AdvisoryProgram & Project managementDesign and Engineering Furthering our commitment, SNC-Lavalin has embarked on several major projects in key locations, ensuring we provide a better, more sustainable future for communities, our environment and society.

We’re excited about the opportunities that are opening up in Australia and are looking for engineers, designers and other professionals at every level to help us deliver critical projects.Harnessing major infrastructure investmentThe Australian Government is driving forward with significant infrastructure investments that will develop sustainable communities and enable long-term economic growth.

Australia’s rail industry, for example, is vital to the economy, ensuring people and commodities can be transported across more than 33,000 kilometres of track, and it’s growth is exponential.

A Railway Technology report unveiled that Australia is preparing for another major program of rail transformation with AUD 155 billion investment planned in the next 15 years.

Industry experts expect that with help from the Government, the rail sector could see 1.5% of annual growth over the next five years.

At SNC-Lavalin, with extensive expertise in delivering successful infrastructure projects, we’re in a good position to harness this growth.

SNC-Lavalin is fully committed to supporting governments, like Australia’s, as they press forward with infrastructure investments that develop sustainable communities and long-term economic growth.Ian L.

Edwards, President and CEO of SNC-LavalinKey SNC-Lavalin projects in AustraliaSydney MetroSydney Metro is Australia’s biggest public transport project.

A new metro railway line will service the new Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport and Greater Western Sydney.

The Sydney Metro
– Western Sydney Airport project will deliver about 23 kilometres of rail between St Marys Station and the future Western Sydney Aerotropolis in Bringelly.

Appointed by Sydney Metro as Integration and Delivery Partner (IDP), SNC-Lavalin Atkins Australia together with HKA and Infrastructure Nation will assist in the development and implementation of the integration functions: Project integrationDesign integrationSystems integrationInterface managementIntegrated assuranceIntegrated testing and commissioning Cross River Rail Operations and Maintenance Technical AdvisorCross River Rail (CRR) is a 10.2km rail line between Dutton Park and Bowen Hills that includes 5.9km of twin tunnel under the Brisbane River and Brisbane CBD.

The project also includes the construction of four new high-capacity underground stations at Boggo Road, Woolloongabba, Albert Street and Roma Street.

In addition, there will be the redevelopment of two existing overground stations at Dutton Park and Exhibition.

Cross River Rail will integrate with the Queensland Rail network and the proposed Brisbane Metro Services.

SNC-Lavalin Atkins has been providing operations and maintenance support to the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority as the Operations Technical Advisor since early 2016 and our engagement comprises key elements: Strategic rail operational planning, developing service labels, routing and stopping patterns, informing both infrastructure requirements and the future DTMR rail strategy;Detailed timetable development to validate the operating strategy, validate the ability of infrastructure plans;The development of a Concept of Operations (ConOps) and Concept of Asset Management (ConAM);Input and advice to management of project risks, controls and scheduling;Assessment of the fulfilment of freight requirements on the network;Review of key stabling locations;Support the development of refinement of the Operational Readiness Program;Defining and managing the development of the Network Operating States (NOS; and Systems Integration and Assurance (SI&A) servicesTake your career to the next level at SNC-Lavalin in AustraliaWith considerable diversity across our company, employees benefit from opportunities to work across multiple markets, regions and both on project sites or office-based.

Being part of a global organization of over 50,000 employees, we also benefit from access to global experts and opportunities to new regions around the world.If you are looking for your next challenge and you’re passionate, like we are, about improving Australia’s communities for generations to come, we may have an opportunity for you.

Be part of the change and apply for an engineering job in Australia today.

Preview Australia’s market is an important growth area for SNC-Lavalin.

did you know that by 2020, gen z will be 24% of the global workforce?

What impact will they have on the future of work?

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